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Mine Subsidence Article

Reprinted with permission

Mine Subsidence in Schuylkill County Gets Filled In

By Haley Bianco
11/29 2016 05:40PM
Updated 11/29 2016 06:16PM

MAHANOY TWP., SCHUYLKILL COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) -- A family of six has been displaced for the last 17-days because the ground gave way behind their house. Now, they finally has some good news.

"It's devastating," said homeowner, Tracey Quick.

That was the immediate reaction when the Quick family woke up to a cracking noise almost three weeks ago. Outside the window this giant hole consumed their backyard, and forced them to move out of their Mahanoy Township home.

"I still can't believe it. It's a nightmare. I just want to wake up and it be over," said Quick.

And it may soon be as state contractors began dumping concrete into the hole, a week after adding two support beams under the house. The plan now is to dump 30 truckloads of concrete a day into the hole.

"Seeing the hole being filled -- that's a major relief. But there's still a lot more we have to consider," added Quick.

Once the hole is nearly filled, dirt will be added on top. The Quicks can then being making repairs to the foundation, basement and pool.

Without mine subsidence insurance, the home owners say they're looking at a big repair bill of 50 to 100-thousand dollars.

Not having the insurance has been a big lesson to this neighborhood. Tracey Quick tells me the majority of her neighbors did not have it, but since seeing the hole, they've signed up.

"Be thankful for what you have. It can be gone, like that," said Quick.

She tells me the hardest part is seeing her children upset.

"It's been really hard. Especially on my youngest. He's been having nightmares of our house collapsing," said Quick.

Once the hole is completely filled, the Quicks can move back in.

"Please send prayers," said Quick.

Crews tell us they expect the Quicks can be back in their house in about a week.

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