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YES--As an insurance producer licensed in PA with property authority you will now RETAIN COMMISSIONS for policies that result from the Mine Subsidence Insurance (MSI) applications you submit to the MSI Fund. SINCE THERE ARE MORE THAN ONE MILLION STRUCTURES AT RISK AND UNINSURED, YOU MAY BE ABLE TO PROVIDE MANY OF YOUR CUSTOMERS WITH THIS VALUABLE COVERAGE. IF SO, IT WILL BE HIGHLY PROFITABLE FOR YOU.

Invest a Little, Make A Lot
Invest a few minutes into learning how to use the MSI eCommerce system, which is located on the Insurance Producer web page. We recommend that you print the Instruction page and keep it for reference. Although we understand that any new computer application can be intimidating, you only need to submit a few applications to become an expert in the use of these systems. The Insurance Producer web page also contains all the tools you need to successfully market and sell MSI. Those tools include a Sales Kit, Customer Data Sheets, Instructions and a link to the DEP GreenPort, your gateway to the MSI eCommerce system.

Commission Rate
A generous onetime commission is based on 50% of the first year's premium. For example, the premium for a Residential policy providing $130,000 of coverage, a typical coverage amount, is $72.50. It would provide a commission of $36.25. Applications submitted by insurance producers must be submitted electronically using the MSI eCommerce system located on the DEP GreenPort. The systems are so user friendly that you can easily complete an application while your customer is on the phone, given that they are familiar with the physical condition of their structure (preexisting damages). The MSI Fund will continue to accept paper applications directly from property owners for which no commissions will be paid.

Insurance producers must retain their commission. The applicant will now make the full premium payable to the insurance agency. The agent or agency will keep 50 percent of the first year premium and submit the other half to the MSI.

Commissions will not be paid if the structure under application has carried coverage within one year of the date of a new application and the titled ownership has not changed. Commissions will not be paid if the structure under application has carried coverage within two years of the date of a new application, if the titled ownership has not changed and if the agent or agency submitting the application has not changed.

Commission Refunds
If MSI notifies an insurance producer that a policy was canceled within a year of its issuance, then the insurance producer must promptly refund the commission to MSI. Commission Refunds are based upon a prorated portion of the unearned premiums.

Make the Most of Your Time
We recommend that you provide your customers with information about MSI that you can print from our Marketing Materials page. Send it with a Customer Data sheet that can be returned to you. When the data sheets are returned, you can go on line and quickly submit applications. On average, it only takes about four minutes to complete and submit an application if you have all the required data. At that rate, if you are an agent splitting the commission 50-50 with your agency, and given an average net commission to an agent of $18.12 (based upon $130,000 of coverage, see COMMISSION RATE above) YOU COULD BE MAKING $271.80 EVERY HOUR THAT YOU SUBMIT MSI APPLICATIONS!

After more than 40 years of operations, we in the MSI Program are excited about our partnership with the insurance producers. This partnership combines the most effective insurance delivery system (you the insurance producers) with the Commonwealth?s mining and other technical expertise, and the MSI Fund?s nonprofit status, which allows us to efficiently, economically, and authoritatively process claims. Together, we can encourage all those at risk to subscribe and provide the most cost effective MSI coverage possible.

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