Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection

Call 1-800-922-1678, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. to speak to a MSI representative.

Examples of Structures Repaired by the MSI Fund

The following pictures show examples of structures that were damaged by the collapse of underground mine workings and had Mine Subsidence Insurance with the Department of Environmental Protection. Click thumbnail to enlarge photos.


Process of Repair



  brick cracks and unlevel windows   foundation repair   new brick
  foundation cracks   foundation on cribs/repair   new brick/windows/door
  foundation cracks   brick veneer replacement   new brick/windows/door
  drywall crack   brick veneer replacement   new foundation

  brick crack   foundation removed   new brick
  stairwell separation   foundation removed/cribbing   new brick and stairwell
  concrete floor crack   start of new foundation   new stairwell
  foundation crack   new foundation   new foundation

  brick cracks   garage  and brick removed   new brick
  brick cracks   temporary foundation support   new garage and porch
  foundation cracks   excavation for new foundation   new porch and brick
  drywall cracks   new foundation placement   new retaining wall
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