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Bureau of Air Quality


Emissions From Cars

Cars are a major source of air pollution in Pennsylvania. Vehicle emissions contribute to health and environmental problems such as urban smog, air toxics, and global warming. The DEP offers the following programs and information in an effort reduce the amount of air pollution from vehicles.

DEP Information

Clean Vehicles Program
Starting with the 2008 model year, new passenger cars and light-duty trucks sold or leased and titled in Pennslvania must be either certified by the California Air Resources Board or certified for all 50 states.

Vehicle Emissions Inspection
If required for your vehicle, emissions inspection is due once a year at the same time or before your annual safety inspection.

Car Care = Air Care
All cars emit some pollution, but poorly maintained cars emit more. Learn about common problems and find links for repair advice.

Drive Cheap and Clean Brochure
Learn how to save money and improve the air quality in Pennsylvania when making choices on your automobile. (PDF)

EPA Information

Other Information

Pa Attorney General's Report: "Pricing Factors for Auto Emissions Testing in Pennsylvania, June 22, 2004"

Legislative Budget & Finance Committee Report: "An Examination of Costs and Test Prices in the "Drive Clean Pennsylvania" Emissions Inspection Program"


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