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Bureau of Air Quality

Monitoring Toxic Pollutants

Pottstown Toxic Monitoring Site

A picture of a sampling canister.The canister sampling system.View of Station

Citizens in the Pottstown area have expressed concern about air emission from local facilites. The DEP established this site to measure the concentration of selected toxic compounds in the air. These concentrations will be compared to other areas and used to estimate the risk for cancer and non-cancer health effects. In addition, school classes and interested citizens will be able to access the weather station data and air pollution measurements. This could provide an education opportunity for interested students.

Note: Sampling at the Pottstown site ended 3/7/07. Please refer to the "Next Steps" section of the 2nd Report listed below.

Site Report

Pottstown Area Air Monitoring Reports
Bullet1st Report (PDF)(5/12/04)
Bullet2nd Report (PDF)(1/19/07)

Site Data

BulletRaw Toxics Data (4/02-3/07)(Excel)
BulletRaw Particulate and Metals Data (6/03-3/07)(Excel)


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Site Specifics
Started: 4/29/02
Ended: 3/7/07
Latitude: 40.2517
Longitude: -75.6428
Elevation: 246 ft
City: Pottstown
County: Montgomery

Measured Parameters
BulletVolatile Organics
BulletTotal Particulates