Pennsylvania Accelerator License Program

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania requires all particle accelerators used within the State for industrial, research or medical purposes be licensed for operation. A person who intends to purchase, construct or acquire an accelerator shall notify the Department of this intent by filing the appropriate application for a specific license within thirty (30) days after the initial order is issued.

An accelerator or particle accelerator is defined as a radiation-producing machine that imparts kinetic energies of one of the following:

  • One-tenth of one MeV or greater to electrons if the electron beam is brought out of the evacuated region of the unit.
  • One MeV or greater to electrons if the electrons are utilized for X-ray production.
  • One-tenth of one MeV or greater to other particles.

To apply for licensure, an application containing both Part I and Part II must be submitted along with the appropriate fee to the Department of Environmental Protection, Bureau of Radiation Protection.

To amend or terminate a current license, complete an "Application for an Amendment or Termination of an Accelerator License" and submit to the Department of Environment Protection, Bureau of Radiation Protection.

NOTE: A person may NOT operate a particle accelerator either for industry or for treatment/therapy without having obtained a license from the Department.

DEP Fines Carbon County Oncology Management $8,000 for Radiation Protection Violations
Company Failed to Calibrate One Device, Installed Another Without Approval

NORRISTOWN — The Department of Environmental Protection has assessed an $8,000 civil penalty against Carbon County Oncology Management Inc. for violations noted at two of its facilities in Carbon and Schuylkill counties.

"These cancer treatment centers are responsible for properly treating patients battling serious medical conditions," said DEP Regional Director Joseph A. Feola. "These facilities must take this responsibility more seriously by working to stay in compliance with our radiation protection rules and regulations."

In 2007, DEP discovered violations during an inspection of the Simon Kramer Institute for Therapeutic Oncology, in Blythe Township, Schuylkill County, on May 2, and the company’s Joint Center for Therapeutic Oncology, in Lehighton Borough, Carbon County, on May 8.

At the Simon Kramer Institute, DEP inspectors noted that the annual calibration for the facility's medical accelerator was not completed within the required time frame, while a licensed medical accelerator unit had been removed and replaced by another model at the Joint Center.

Replacing this type of accelerator requires a new license from DEP.

Both centers had a history of violations from 2004-2005, but had committed to operate in compliance and were working with DEP to correct past problems.

In order to track progress at these facilities, DEP entered into consent order and agreements with Carbon County Oncology Management, the parent company of both facilities, in March 2006.

Terms of these agreements were fulfilled in May 2007, yet violations were discovered at both facilities company during the next inspection.

Carbon County Oncology Management and the Joint Center are located at 15 Alliance St., New Philadelphia. The Simon Kramer Institute is located at 805 Mahoning St., Lehighton.

The $8,000 civil penalty assessed to Carbon County Oncology Management is due within 30 days.