Radioactive Solid Waste Events
  • Bureau of Radiation Protection's 2004 Radioactive Material Report of Landfill & Metal Recycler Alarms & other Orphan Source Events PDF
    • DEP Document #2900-BK-DEP4017, dated May 2005, 42 pages
    • This report documents radioactive materials, devices, and sources that have been involved in events, improperty discarded as solid waste, or abandoned in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania beginning in the years 2003 and 2004.
    • The catalog includes many, but not all, of the documented radioactive material events for this period.
    • This catalog is the first in a series of annual publications and continutes to be updated with event information as the information becomes available.

For more information about monitoring for radioactive materials in solid waste please contact the Licensing Section via e-mail or (717) 787-2480.