X-ray Machine Registration and Inspections

The Division is responsible for the registration of over 11,000 facilities possessing over 33,000 X-ray units.

In order to ensure that patients, personnel and the environment are protected, that operators are properly trained, and radiation equipment and facilities meet current protection standards, the Department has a goal to inspect of all facilities at least once every four years. Major facilities may be inspected every two to three years. In all, this results in a total of approximately 2,800 inspections per year statewide.

Users of radiation-producing machines are required to register with the Division, to designate an individual to be responsible for radiation protection, and to indicate the number and type of units possessed. Registration allows the Division to maintain an inventory of X-ray equipment in Pennsylvania so that all users can be inspected for compliance with the applicable radiological health regulations. Users pay registration fees based on the type of facility and the number of tubes possessed. The Division oversees the production and issuance of associated registration certificates, renewal letters, invoices, and the collection of initial and annual fees.