Recycling Technical Assistance - Project Summaries

Project: Improving Commercial and Institutional Recycling
Name: Jim Tate
Title: Chair, Environmental/Recycling Committee
Address: Willistown Township
9 Harvey Lane
  Malvern, PA 19355
Municipality: Willistown Township
County: Chester County
Phone Number: (610) 647-5300
Fax Number: (610) 647-8156
E-mail Address:
Contractor: R.W. Beck


  • Recommended that Willistown Township use the survey provided as an attachment to the report to collect information from facilities in the Township as a means of determining the status of recycling in commercial establishments.
  • Recommended that the Township develop a comprehensive list of commercial establishments and institutions that it can use for the purpose of recycling data collection.
  • Recommended that the Township use the annual reporting form provided in an attachment to the report in future years to collect annual recycling data and to obtain more complete information from commercial establishments in the Township.
  • Recommended that the Township enforce submission of annual reports by commercial establishments and institutions, but also implement a data collection program that helps to streamline the process and allow for more complete collection of data. Also recommended that the Township request data directly from haulers, brokers, and property managers, and require that they submit customer lists with the data. Recommended that the Township consider changes to its ordinance to require these entities to submit both data and customer lists.
  • Recommended that the Township implement a comprehensive education program for commercial establishments and institutions, beginning with the use of materials provided in attachments to the report. Ideally, the Township should assign some employee time to improving the Township’s recycling program, tasking that employee to provide information and technical assistance to commercial establishments and to establish a comprehensive data collection program. This assignment of time could be justified given the potential for additional grant awards as illustrated in this report.
  • Recommended that even if the Township is not willing to consider assigning a person to work on recycling, that it consider improving commercial data collection and/or boosting recycling from residences as a means of boosting the award available through the Section 904 Performance Grant program.
  • Recommended that the Township establish a Task Force or Advisory Committee consisting of key persons from all sectors of the Township to assist the Township in expanding and improving its recycling program.

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