Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) About Composting

What should I or shouldn’t I add to my compost pile?

Do add: yard trimmings, garden debris, vegetable and fruit scraps, coffee grounds and filters, and horse, cow chicken, and rabbit manure.

Do not add: meats, fish oily foods (these are likely to attract unwanted pests), milk products, and pet manures (except for manure from pets that are herbivores such as rabbits, sheep and chickens; their manure is a great source of nitrogen). Diseased or insect infested plants and weeds that have gone to seed also should not be added.

Materials that you can or can’t add to your compost pile depend partly on the health regulations in your area:

How do I keep pests out of my compost?

Should I put my compost in the sun or shade?

How long does it take to compost?

Do I need to shred or grind organic materials to compost them?

Should I add inoculents and activators/accelerators?

Should I add lime to my pile?

How do I know when the materials are done composting? And what can I use the compost for?

How you plan to use your compost determines how mature or "done" it should be:

Prepared by Penn State Cooperative Extension of Montgomery County, Recycling Education Program

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