Pay-As-You-Throw in Pennsylvania

 bags and tags   A survey of county recycling coordinators shows that 213 municipalities in Pennsylvania use Pay-As-You-Throw (PAYT) programs. These PAYT programs charge residents for waste removal services based on the quantity of material discarded. Some may have a set rate per bag, while other use a combination of a fixed subscription fee plus a variable fee based on service.

The benefits of PAYT programs include:

  • Fairness - each household pays based on its use of solid waste services.
  • Increased Recycling - residents have incentive to recycle.
  • Waste Reduction - consumers become more aware that they can purchase recyclable packaging, avoid excessive packaging and consider alternatives to disposable products.
  • Composting - householders can reduce waste and recycle by practicing home composting, vermicomposting (using worms) and grasscycling (leaving grass clippings on the lawn).
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