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PennState Compost Test Program

What Compost Operators Should Know About West Nile Virus

Database of Compost Sites in PA

General Permit for On-Farm Composting

Guidelines for Yard Waste Composting Facilities (PDF)

Find a compost site near you - PROP Compost Directory

Composting is an easy way to reduce waste and create a valuable gardening supply. You can recycle the natural nutrients and organic materials in leaves and yard waste as they would be in nature.

The 2007 Composting Infrastructure Development Grant is now closed. Deadline was 4:00 PM June 28, 2007.

Spring 2006 - Find a Backyard Compost Program in your County

EPA Compost Utilization Factsheets:

PROP Vermicomposting Lesson Plans

On-Farm Composting Tours

Two Particular Acres (PDF)

Shenk's Berry Farm Tour (PDF)

Organics Recycling Task Force report.

compost binLearn how easy it is in our Guide to Home Composting. Share your experiences in our Compost Corner or read our Compost Haikus.

There are various types of bins you can buy or build. You can sift the finished compost to make a finer product. Learn how to make your own compost screen. PowerPoint presentation (~1MB) or web presentation on screening compost and managing a three-bin system. After you have some finished compost, you can get additional benefits by making compost tea.

DEP in partnership with Penn State Extension County offices are offering backyard compost education and bins to Pennsylvania residents.

You can see examples of bins in use at a backyard compost demonstration site near you. Some municipalities provide bins to residents through a backyard composting program. If there is not one in your community, encourage your local officials to develop one.

Just the Facts

home composting video
Home Composting Video

Compost Uses

Now that you made your own compost, find out how to use it. You can even make compost tea!

Guidance Document - The Use of Compost as an Erosion and Sediment Control Best Management Practice

exit For additional information on compost uses and PennDOT specifications.


Leaving grass clippings on the lawn saves work and returns valuable nutrients to the lawn while reducing waste. Learn how easy it is to grasscycle. And for more detail, see Grasscycling - It's OK to let it lay.

Vermicomposting (Worm Composting)

You can even use worms to compost your garbage and produce "castings", a very rich, natural fertilizer. Worm Your Way into Composting, then get more details from our Composting Links.

Fact Sheet Worm Your Way into Composting (Adobe PDF file)

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