Blue Mountain Recycling

Blue Mountain RecyclingBlue Mountain Recycling was founded in March of 2000 as a material recycling facility in Philadelphia. Blue Mountain's headquarters and processing center is located at 2904 Ellsworth St. in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The company has dedicated itself to long term recycling solutions. Blue Mountain has approximately 27 employees and is processing approximately 10,000 tons of material a month. They are the sole processor of material collected in Philadelphia's residential curbside recycling program. Mr. David Dilenno, President of Blue Mountain, explained that it is because of this partnership that the city of Philadelphia has been able to save significant disposal costs through recycling.

Blue Mountain is able to accept and process materials from residences, haulers, commercial and institutional establishments. The facility accepts the following materials: clear, brown and green glass; tin and aluminum cans; and polyethylene terephtalate (PET) and high density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic bottles (labeled as 1 or 2). These materials can be source separated and/or commingled. The facility also accepts office paper, newspaper, and cardboard.

glass processing equipmentMr. Dilenno explained that the composition of Philadelphia's residential recycling program has provided his facility with a unique situation. The commingled material is made up of approximately 75 percent glass with approximately 60% of that being mixed broken cullet. Blue Mountain separates out the whole bottles, which are then sent to another facility for processing and marketing. The mixed broken glass is processed through an Andela system. This machine processes the glass into an aggregate that meets an engineering specification of 3/8 minus. The material is then screened to remove any contamination and oversized pieces. The final product is then sold as a raw material to different businesses to be used in their manufacturing processes. Mr. Dilenno explained that he is excited about this material and it's outlook for new markets.

Blue Mountain also has a unique system for recycling materials in large office buildings. Mr. Dilenno explained that their system is able to recycle up to 85% of the waste generated in large office buildings. The system is fairly simple with waste generated in the cafeterias, bathrooms and coffee stations being put in black bags, which are then put into a waste dumpster. All other waste generated in the building is put in clear plastic bags and goes into a recycling container, which is taken back to Blue Mountain for recycling. Mr. Dilenno explained that Blue Mountain is willing to work with interested office buildings by doing waste audits, and showing office managers how this system can work for them as well as save money.

Any questions concerning these programs or any other programs Blue Mountain Recycling may have can be directed to David Dilenno at 215-462-7372 or via email at

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