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Basic Standards for Designing a Recycling Program



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Standards for Designing a Recycling Program:

  1. Top-level management support: The success of your recycling program hinges upon the support of senior management. Their enthusiasm promotes a similar attitude among employees and customers.
  2. Designate a recycling coordinator: This person should oversee the collection of information, the evaluation of data, and the implementation of a recycling program.
  3. For a recycling task force: For a larger organization, a recycling task force is often necessary to help manage the program.
  4. Conduct a waste audit: Knowledge of waste stream characteristics will be helpful in developing an effective recycling program.
  5. Practice waste reduction: During the waste audit, it is recommended to identify waste reduction opportunities.
  6. Utilize waste exchange: One company's waste may be feedstock of another.
  7. Decide what materials to recycle: When deciding what materials to recycle consider contamination, volume, transportation, storage space, source separation, finance, market revenue, maintenance and productivity.
  8. Devise a collection system: Systems that are convenient to use are the most successful. Consider the following: space availability, labor needs, equipment/container requirements and physical layout.
  9. Promote the program: The goal of promotion is to maximize participation and ensure compliance with the program requirements.
  10. Evaluate the program: As with any project, it is necessary to monitor its effectiveness and efficiency. Feedback on the program can be obtained from a variety of sources including: (1) custodial staff, for input regarding material quality and handling practices, (2) employees or customers, for opinions concerning convenience and (3) waste hauler or recycler, for data concerning the type and amount of material recycled.

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