NTN-BCA Corporation
(Lititz, PA)

NTN-BCA Corporation is a leading producer of ball bearings with current sales of $35 Million and 204 employees. It was founded in 1898 in Lancaster, PA as the Star Ball Retainer Company and merged with the Bretz Company in 1910 to form the Bearing Corporation of America (BCA). The company is currently owned by NTN of Osaka, Japan.

The company’s environmental commitment was confirmed by attaining ISO 14001 certification on July 18, 2000. NTN-BCA underlined this commitment by embarking on a broad, multi-media approach to reduce air emissions, solid and hazardous waste, wastewater discharges, energy use and toxics. Believing that “what gets measured gets managed”, identified projects were assigned to managers with quantifiable goals and scheduled completion dates. The company’s environmental progress clearly illustrated the potential profitability of pollution prevention/energy efficiency efforts by saving $176,000 on an initial investment of $144,500. This equates to a return of 121.7% with a payback of about 10 months. More importantly, NTN-BCA eliminated the use of 42,000 gallons of methanol from its production process, reduced solid waste hauling costs $11,000 by recycling—instead of incinerating—cardboard, reduced electricity use by 734,400 KWH per year and additionally reduced natural gas use by 3,862 MCF per year. NTN-BCA also took part in a joint business effort in the Lititz, Pa area to control storm water runoff into the Lititz Run Watershed. A detention pond outflow was raised to reduce the total amount of storm water runoff from its property into the Lititz Run Creek (which eventually leads to the Chesapeake Bay).

We recognize NTN-BCA’s commitment to continuous improvement in its environmental performance by presenting them with the Medium-Sized Facility Outstanding Achievement Award.