Regulations Applicable to Storage Tanks

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Code Citation Name of Regulation Description of Regulation
ST - 1 35 P.S. Chapter 245 Administration of the storage tank and spill prevention program Regulations on Storage Tanks
ST - 2 25 Pa. Code Section 245.21 Tank handling and inspection requirements Storage tank installer, handling and inspection requirements
ST - 3 25 Pa. Code Section 245.31 Underground storage tank tightness testing requirements Storage tank testing requirements
ST - 4 25 Pa. Code Section 245.121 Company certification A facility must use a certified installer or inspector for tank handling or inspection activities
ST - 5 25 Pa. Code Section 245.203 Permit requirements A person may not operate an aboveground or underground storage tank system or install a system without applying for and obtaining a permit from the department
ST - 6 25 Pa. Code Section 245.222, 231-5 Operating permit requirements Requirements for operating, installation, sitting and assessment of storage tanks.
ST - 7 25 Pa. Code Section 245.304 Investigation of suspected releases Storage tank owners and operators shall investigate a suspected release of a regulated substance.
ST - 8 25 Pa. Code Section 245.305 Reporting releases Owner or operator of a storage tank shall notify the department and any impacted after municipality confirmation of a reportable release
ST - 9 25 Pa. Code Section 245.306 Interim remedial actions Upon a release from a storage tank, the responsible party shall initiate interim remedial actions to prevent or address threats from the release.
ST - 10 25 Pa. Code Section 245.307 Affected or diminished water supplies A responsible party of a storage tank release shall restore or replace an affected or diminished water supply.
ST - 11 25 Pa. Code Section 245.309-13 Site characterization and report, remedial action plan, remedial action progress reports, remedial action completion report. A responsible party of a storage tank release shall perform a site characterization and prepare a report, prepare a remedial action plan (if necessary), report on progress of remedial action through remedial action progress reports, and prepare and submit a remedial action completion report upon achieving the selected remediation standard(s).
ST - 12 25 Pa. Code Subchapter E Section 245.411 Underground storage tank inspection frequency Underground storage tank owners and operators shall have their tanks inspected by a certified inspector at established frequencies
ST - 13 25 Pa. Code Section 245.423 Underground storage tank registration requirement A underground storage tank shall be registered with the department prior to adding a regulated substance
ST - 14 25 Pa. Code Section 245.431-35 General operating requirements Spill and overfill control, corrosion protection, material compatibility, repairs, and reporting requirements of underground storage tanks
ST - 15 25 Pa. Code Section 245.441-445 Underground storage tank release detection Release detection for underground storage tanks and underground storage tank systems
ST - 16 25 Pa. Code Section 245.451-453 Closure requirements Closure requirements for underground storage tanks
ST - 17 25 Pa. Code Subchapter F Section 245.511-16 Operations and maintenance of above ground storage tanks Operation and maintenance, spill response, security, labeling, and record keeping requirements of aboveground storage tanks
ST - 18 25 Pa. Code Section 245.541-43 Leak prevention and detection Overfill prevention, containment requirements and leak detection requirements of aboveground storage tanks
ST - 19 25 Pa. Code Section 245.551-54 Inspections Regulations concerning aboveground storage tanks
ST - 20 25 Pa. Code Section 245.5561-62 Tank closure Permanent and temporary aboveground storage tank closure requirements
ST - 21 25 Pa. Code Subchapter G Small above ground storage tank program General, testing, design, closure, recordkeeping and inspection requirements of small above ground storage tanks not exceeding 21,000 gallons and regulated under the act
ST - 22 25 Pa. Code Subchapter H Financial responsibilities of tank owners and operators Owner or operator financial responsibility and liability related to underground storage tanks and storage tank facilities