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Mercury, a useful but toxic metal, is being phased out of many industrial and consumer uses.  However, some mercury can be released to the environment from consumer items discarded as solid waste and from mercury dumped down household drains.   This brochure has been developed to help you identify household items and to ensure that they are disposed of properly.  Considering acceptable alternatives to mercury and responsible handling of mercury-containing wastes will help keep mercury out of the environment.

P3ERIE's MercERIE project wants you to prevent mercury from contaminating our environment and Lake Erie!  By reducing your use of mercury containing items, recycling what you can and disposing of ALL mercury waste properly, you can keep mercury out of the water and the atmosphere.

P3ERIE is a strictly voluntary pollution prevention initiative comprised of businesses, educational institutions, local government agencies, civic organizations, and the Department of Environmental Protection's Office of Energy and Technology Development.  P3 stands for Pollution Prevention Partnership and ERIE stands for Environmental Responsibility in Erie.  P3ERIE's mission is to build support for pollution prevention by developing and implementing a public education campaign and practical projects to reduce the amount of mercury and other persistent toxins that are used and released to the environment in the greater Erie community, especially the Lake Erie watershed.

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Use Less Energy

MercERIE prevents mercury pollution!
The MercERIE program was developed by P3ERIE to prevent mercury pollution in Erie County, Pennsylvania, and Lake Erie.

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