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PAIOF Fact Sheet

Pennsylvania - U.S. Department of Energy Industries of the Future Partnership

Pennsylvania - U.S. Department of Energy IOF Partnership

Goals: Pennsylvania’s Industries of the Future initiative provides assistance primarily to 3 target industrial sectors – mining, metal casting, and the aluminum industry. The initiative will help industries:

  • Improve competitiveness and profitability through improved energy efficiency, environmental performance and productivity.
  • Maximize the efficient use of materials to minimize losses that lower value to customers and reduce profit and reinvestment.
  • Reduce consumption of natural resources by lowering risks associated with testing new materials and/or energy efficient technologies and processes.
  • Form partnerships with similar industries, related service providers, and the PA Department of Environmental protection.

Pennsylvania Industries of the Future targeted for participation in the state-level IOF program include: Mining, Metal Casting, and Aluminum.

Pennsylvania has quality educational and research institutions, in addition to many private corporations, that participate in research and development programs. Many of these programs address the goals and objectives identified by the National Industries of the Future “Roadmaps and Visions”.

Pennsylvania has a significant number of small to medium-sized manufacturing facilities that can utilize and need basic technical assistance in the areas of energy efficiency and waste minimization. These facilities are candidates for the services provided by OIT's Industrial Assessment Centers.

For compliance assistance information please visit the Help with Compliance Assistance web page. Or visit the PAIOF assistance page.

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