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1. Generic, Department-wide Permit Application Forms
2. NPDES Permit Applications And Permit Documents
3. General Policies, Strategies, and Guidance:
-- CAFOs
4. Miscellaneous Applications / Approvals / Authorizations


Generic Department-wide Forms
The generic Department-wide forms and/or guidance documents are applicable to ALL NPDES and WQM permit packages


Link to Pertinent Department-wide Permit Application Form Packages:
  1. General Information Form (GIF). Includes GIF Form, instructions for completing, and instructions for submitting. For most application packages, a complete application will consist of this GIF and additional forms listed below.
  2. Cultural Resource Notice. Includes instructions for completing Cultural Resource Notice, list of exemptions, Cultural Resource Notice form, and check list.


Environmental Emergency Response (EER) Plans
This guidance document is available on the eLibrary Website.

NPDES Individual Permit Applications And Permit Documents


Joint Individual NPDES Permit Application For Aquaculture Production Operations (3620-PM-WQ0024, Rev. 2/2000)
o Application Form, MS Word Form Fields file (652K) - or-  PDF file (283K)
o Instructions, MS Word file (190K) - or-  PDF file (167K)
o Module C Attachment: Application and Instructions For Completing the Joint Permit Application for a Pennsylvania Water Obstruction and Encroachment Permit and a U.S. Army Corps Of Engineers Section 404 Permit

General Policies, Strategies, and Guidance
NPDES Program Guidance


CAFO Strategy Package

Miscellaneous Applications / Approvals / Authorizations


Registration for Transporting Residential Septage: (3800-FM-WSWM0252 1/2002)
Instructions and Registration Form: Word Forms Field file or Adobe PDF file

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