How do we pay for it?

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If information on your watershed or aquifer is readily available, and you or your community is willing to volunteer expertise and time for the betterment of the water supply, then you should be able to complete the entire project very economically. There are always some expenses for things such as meetings, copying, phone, etc., but these are usually covered by the PWS or municipality. Agencies such as County Conservation Districts, Pa. DEP, U.S. Geological Survey and Pa. Rural Water Association are sources of additional information or technical expertise. There are numerous consulting firms that can provide expertise. Funding for SWP planning in the form of grants is also available. DEP has a SWP grant program specifically designed to help municipalities or public water suppliers develop a SWP program. For more information on this grant, contact DEP at 717-787-5259 or check it out on the web at and choose directLINK "source water".