How do we get organized?

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The first step in SWP is formation of a community planning team also known as a steering committee. The team coordinates the project, sets meeting times and places, advises local officials and coordinates with state and local agencies. Participation by community members who represent members of the water users is critical. Potential team members could also include the homeowner’s association board or water users association board members. Using an existing board, committee or group will reduce the effort required to get organized. Other possible team members should include water system users, land owners, county sanitarians, water and wastewater operators, elected officials, city/county health officials, fire marshals, county extension agents, city/county planners and resource conservation and development officials. Local citizens who are members of groups such as Pa. Rural Water Association, American Water Works Association and Pa. American Water Resources Association etc. could be valuable team participants. Members of service organizations, watershed associations, senior citizen groups, youth groups and school personnel should also be considered.