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Water is one of Pennsylvania’s most precious and basic resources. Pennsylvanians use 14.3 billion gallons of water every day. Almost all of it -- 13.7 billion gallons -- is returned to the environment. That means that each of us has a special responsibility to use water in ways that do not harm aquatic life and other water users downstream. But we also must be concerned about water in other ways. Our activities, as individuals and as communities, can have a big impact on the severity and frequency of floods that cause loss of life and property damage.

Streams, lakes, and other bodies of water are affected by what happens in their watersheds -- the land areas that drain to them. More and more people are working to improve and protect Pennsylvania's watersheds, by learning about their watersheds and sharing that information with their neighbors, by restoring water quality through hands-on projects, and by planning for future water resources management.

Watershed Notebooks

Watershed Notebooks bring together information on Pennsylvania's watersheds. Watersheds are as varied in size as their streams, from the smallest brook to the Susquehanna River! For these notebooks, we are using the 104 watersheds from Pennsylvania's State Water Plan. The State Water Plan, originally developed in the 1970s, divided Pennsylvania's major river basins into 20 smaller units (subbasins) for planning purposes. Most of these subbasins are further divided into watershed areas (designated "A", "B", "C" etc.) that range in size from about 100 to 1000 square miles. Whether the watershed you are interested in is smaller or larger than these, the Watershed Notebooks will give you a starting point for exploring your watershed--gathering information and connecting with other projects in your area.

Each notebook includes a main page that briefly describes the watershed and links to three other pages: (1) population data and projections; (2) information from state and federal agencies about activities in the subbasin; and (3) information about citizens' groups' activities in the watershed, along with a form for sending us information about YOUR project for posting to the page.

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