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DEP Small Wastewater System Operation & Maintenance, Volume I

Many wastewater treatment systems are small and serve only a few customers. These small systems (often referred to as package plants) still require attention from skilled operators in order to properly function. This ( first of two part) course helps small systems operators to develop the knowledge they need in order to properly operate and maintain their systems. This 30 Hour course includes topics such as;

1.The Small Wastewater System Operator
2.Small Collection, Treatment, and Disposal Systems
4.Septic Tanks and Pumping Systems
5.Wastewater Treatment and Effluent Disposal Methods
6.Collection Systems
7.Maintenance and Troubleshooting
8.Setting Rates for Small Wastewater Utilities


On-Site Cost = $1,175.00

Per Student Cost for Regular (Spring & Fall) Course Offerings = $140.00

This course uses the CSUS Textbook, Small Wastewater System O & M, I