Regulation, Legislation and Technical Committee Meeting

Friday, March 17, 2000
10:00 AM

Best Western University Inn
Indiana, PA

  1. Meeting called to order (10:00 AM) - Dave Osikowicz, Chairman
  2. Overview and Follow Up Regarding February 24 Meeting With Sureties - Jeff Jarrett
  3. Responses Submitted to House Environmental Resources and Energy Committee - Bob Dolence
  4. Review of Comments Received from Stakeholders on Conventional FCB Proposal - Scott Roberts
  5. Review of OSM's Study - Robert Biggi
  6. Discussion of Implementation Strategies - Scott Roberts
  7. Development of Suggestions for Funding Mechanisms to Assist Operators in Posting Larger Bond Amounts - George Ellis
  8. Discussion of Implementation Strategy - Dave Osikowicz
  9. Other Business as Appropriate - Dave Osikowicz
  10. Adjourn


A working lunch is being provided.