Mining and Reclamation Advisory Board

Minutes from July 12


The MRAB met on July 12 at 8:00 a.m., in the Lower Conference Room of the Pottsville District Mining Office, Pottsville, Pa.  Thirty-two people attended, including 14 MRAB board members and/or alternates, representation of Pa. Anthracite Council, Pennsylvania Coal Association, Western Pennsylvania Coalition for Abandoned Mine Reclamation (WPCAMR) and DEP.


After the introduction of members and visitors, and the adoption of minutes from the last meeting, the meeting was opened to committee reports.  None of the committees had met since the last meeting.


Brian Bradley, from the Bureau of Abandoned Mine Reclamation presented the bid proposals for May and June as requested at the last meeting.  He explained the figures for July were not available at the time of the mailings but would now be on the web for reference.  It was agreed that he provide a report such as this at every MRAB meeting.


A power point presentation was given by Scott Perry on the Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Act.  He explained that this sets up standards and registration requirements for environmental laboratories.  The regulatory program is still being designed.


Bruce Golden, WPCAMR,  provided a summary of the PA Conference on Abandoned Mine Reclamation.  This year the conference had an outreach to teachers to show them how to use water plans in the classroom.  It was suggested by Mr. Roberts that the next summers MRAB meeting be held to coincide with this conference. 


Chairman Wolf and Nevin Strock addressed the obligations from the prior meeting.  OSM Acting director, Bob McKenzie was in attendance at the meeting. 


The draft revisions to the Technical Guidance Document – Insurance Requirements and Water Supply Assurance (TGD # 562-2500-702) had been tabled at the last meeting to be discussed at this one.  Mike Young questioned the particular section that had to do with the amount of insurance coverage needed.  The main concern was over the wording and the need for everyone to have liability insurance when only certain cases make actually require it.  After discussion it was decided to bring insurance professionals to a future committee meeting for further discussion on the particulars.


Chairman Wolf stressed that he was not getting cooperation from some areas and felt he had disappointed the board.  Dave Strong stated that more members need to become involved in meetings and issues.  The general consensus of the group was that Chairman Wolf should stay on as the chairman but form an Ad Hoc Committee to review the mission statement and by-laws.  David Mankamyer was selected to head the committee and asked for volunteer.  This committee may meet at the same time as the Regulation, Legislation and Technical Committee noted above.


Paul Hummel from the Bureau of Deep Mine Safety gave a brief presentation of the “Stay Out and Stay Alive” program.  He handed out posters and offered to come to any meetings or gatherings to talk about the program.  It was suggested that MRAB and Mr. Hummel become partners in their effort to educate the public.


The next meeting is scheduled for October 24 in the Delaware Conference Room at the Rachel Carson State Office Building at 10:00 am.  The meeting was adjourned at 11:10 am.


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