Interstate Waters Office Overview

The Interstate Waters Office coordinates Pennsylvania's responsibilities as a member of interstate river basin organizations and develops strategies to utilize established river basin commissions and interstate association as vehicles to advance partnerships. This Office encourages and promotes multi-state cooperation to solve common problems. It works to implement existing policies of the Commonwealth in a consistent manner; links economic progress, watershed management, and sustainability; and strengthens both the relationships and visibility of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection with interstate and intrastate organizations and the communities they serve. The Office coordinates and implements the Department's Coastal Resources Management Program (CRM) that . These functions includes a federally funded approved management program for Pennsylvania's two coastal areas, the Delaware Estuary and Lake Erie. The office also coordinates with regional staff in managing a Great Lakes Program that provides oversight of the Commonwealth’s international and regional level Great Lakes water quality and watershed-related initiatives and commitments.

Interstate Waters Office Programs:

Chesapeake Bay Watershed Program
Coastal Resources Management Program
Great Lakes Program
River Basin Coordination