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Land Recycling Program Toxicity Database

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You are at the homepage of Land Recycling Program Toxicity Database.   This database provides the summary tables of  toxicity values available from various sources identified in 25 Pa Code Section 250.605 (relating to Sources of Toxicity Information).  These sources include IRIS, HEAST, NCEA Provisional Values, ATSDR Minimal Risk Levels (MRLs) in Toxicological Profiles, California EPA Cancer Potency Factors, and other EPA Criteria Documents.  This database is intended to provide a quick summary of available toxicity values.  Persons need additional toxicity information should consult either the original sources that are linked from this web site or the original documents.

The information on this database is intended as a compilation of updated data from sources specified in Chapter 250.605, relating to Sources of Toxicity Information. It is provided here for informational purposes and for the convenience in establishing Site-specific standards. Some of the toxicity values in this database will be incorporated into a future amendment to appendix A to Chapter 250, as data used to calculate medium-specific concentrations under the Statewide health standard.

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