Mineral Resources Management's Bureaus

Bureau of Abandoned Mine Reclamation Roderick A. Fletcher, Director; 717-783-2267
The bureau administers and oversees Pennsylvania's Abandoned Mine Reclamation Program.  It is responsible for resolving abandoned mine land problems such as mine fires, mine subsidence, dangerous highwalls and other hazards that are the result of past mining practices, and for abating or treating acid mine drainage from abandoned mines. The bureau has two field offices: Wilkes-Barre, 570-826-2371, and Cambria, 814-472-1800.

Bureau of Mine Safety:  Joseph A. Sbaffoni, Director; 724-439-7469
The bureau's mission is to reduce the possibility of accidents in underground mines and commercial operations and to protect the property connected, to provide for the health and safety of the miners, and to contribute to the public safety in relation to deep mining activities.

Bureau of District Mining OperationsMichael Terretti, Director, 724-925-5548
The bureau's six district mining offices oversee Pennsylvania's active mining program.  Their duties include licensing, bonding, permitting and inspecting all surface and underground anthracite and bituminous coal mines, coal preparation plants, coal refuse disposal and industrial mineral quarries.  The staff also concentrates on industry compliance assistance and all aspects of pollution prevention advocacy.

Bureau of Mining and Reclamation Thomas Callaghan, Director, 717-787-5103
The bureau administers the environmental regulatory program for all mining activities, mine subsidence regulations, mine subsidence insurance, coal refuse disposal, as well as licensing and permitting.  It also administers the regulatory program for the use, storage, and handling of explosives, a loan program for bonding of anthracite underground mines and for mine subsidence, the EPA Watershed Assessment Grant Program, the Areas Unsuitable for Mining Program (UFM), the Small Operator's Assistance Program (SOAP), and the Remining Operator's Assistance Program (ROAP).   The bureau also oversees the program to ensure safe underground bituminous mining and protect certain structures from subsidence,  and provides for training, examination, and certification of applicants for blaster's licenses.

Bureau of Oil and Gas Management Scott Perry, Director, 717-783-9643
The bureau develops policy and programs for the regulation of oil and gas well development and production pursuant to the Oil and Gas Act, the Oil and Gas Resources Coordination Act, and the Oil and Gas Conservation Law; oversees the oil and gas well permitting and inspection programs; develops statewide regulation and standards; conducts training programs for industry;  works with the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission and the Technical Advisory Board; regulates the underground storage of natural gas in geologic formations; and manages the orphan well plugging program.  It is responsible for the statewide oil and gas conservation and environmental programs to facilitate the safe exploration, development, and recovery of Pennsylvania's oil and gas reservoirs in a manner that will protect the Commonwealth's environment and natural resources.

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