Office of Mineral Resources Management

Mineral Resources Management (MRM) is an executive level organization consisting of nearly 550 Commonwealth employees located within five bureaus. MRM is responsible for the policies and implementation of programs which regulate or impact mineral extraction including oil, gas, industrial minerals and coal. The five bureaus have distinct programmatic responsibilities but are interrelated and coordinate efforts in many areas.


Our Mission

To minimize impacts to the environment while providing a climate that encourages economic growth; to provide a safe and healthy work environment for miners; and to assure the public has an informed opportunity to participate in the debate and process.  We intend to meet our objectives by partnering with our customers; educating affected parties to the extent possible; and striving for 100 percent compliance utilizing appropriate tools for each situation.


Bureau Responsibilities

Deputy's Corner

Surface Subsidence Agent Program

Contact Information
Rachel Carson State Office Building
P.O. Box 2063
Harrisburg, PA 17105-2063
Phone  717-783-5338
Fax  717-783-0930