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Water & Wastewater Facilities Subject to New EPA Rules for Hazardous Chemicals

Chemicals are a part of the daily operations of water and wastewater treatment facilities. Handling chemicals properly and reducing risk is important to protect human and environmental health. Some chemicals (like chlorine or sulfur dioxide) are extremely hazardous and must be handled accordingly. If you store, or handle extremely hazardous substances, your facility may be subject to new EPA rules concerning those products

Under a new EPA chemical accident prevention rule, water and wastewater systems may have to implement a risk management program and file a risk management plan (RMP) with US EPA by June 21, 1999. The risk management program rule (also known as Clean Air Act Section 112 r, the RMP Rule) is designed to prevent serious chemical accidents that could affect public and environmental health. The rule is also intended to improve emergency response in regards to accidents that may occur.

If you store or handle more than 2500 Lbs. of chlorine, you are most likely subject to the new rules. Other threshold quantities include;

Sulfur Dioxide - 5,000Lbs.
Chlorine Dioxide - 1,000Lbs.
Anhydrous Ammonia - 10,000 Lbs.

A complete list of regulated substances and their thresholds is available from US EPA.

This new rule requires covered facilities to develop and implement an integrated system to identify hazards and manage risks. Elements of this system may include items or actions such as;

* Analysis of worst case Scenario
* 5 – Year History of Serious Accidents
* Coordination with Local Emergency Responders
* Identification of Hazards
* Written Standard Operating Procedures
* Training
* Maintenance
* Accident Investigation
* Submit a Risk Management Plan to EPA

The risk management plant you submit to EPA will summarize your program and will be made available to the public.

Implementation of risk management plans can help prevent accidents and improve the efficiency of your operation by reducing equipment breakdowns.

For More information,

Visit the EPA Web Site for RMP’s

or contact

1650 Arch Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103-2029

(800) 438-2474