Sample Letter To Local Municipality and County For Permits That Do Not Use An Act 14 Notice



Dear (Municipal Secretary:) or

Dear (County Commissioners:)


The purpose of this notice is to inform you that the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has received the following application:


Permit Application Type: ____________________________________________________________


Applicant Contact: ________________________________________________________


Project Location: _________________________________________________________


Project Description: _______________________________________________________







DEP Contact Information: _______________________________________________



Acts 67 and 68 of 2000, which amended the Municipalities Planning Code (MPC) to direct state agencies to consider comprehensive plans and zoning ordinances when reviewing applications for permitting of facilities or infrastructure, and specify that state agencies may rely upon comprehensive plans and zoning ordinances under certain conditions as described in Sections 619.2 and 1105 of the MPC.  


Enclosed is a General Information Form (GIF) completed by the applicant for this project.  DEP invites you to review the attached GIF and comment on the accuracy of answers provided with regard to land use aspects of this project; please be specific and focus on relationship to zoning ordinances.  If you wish to submit comments for DEP to become a part of a land use review of this project, you must respond within 30 days to the DEP Regional Office referenced in this letter.  If there are no land use comments received by the end of the comment period, DEP will assume that there are no substantive land use conflicts and proceed with the normal application review process.  


For more information about this land use review process, please visit (DirectLINK: Land Use Reviews.)